Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rio Grande June 2009

My buddy Brandon recommended that I start a blog to chronicle my fishing adventures, so here we go!

After leaving early to fish Antero, which was less than stellar. I had the opportunity to fish the Rio Grande in June. We stayed in Creede, Colorado, which is beautiful and you should make the trip should you find yourself able to do so.

The wind was unlike anything I had ever fished in my life. Even the guide who had fished the canyon for over 20 years said it was the worst he had ever seen! Oh well, such is fishing - it was better than staring at the computer screen from behind a desk.

We threw big bugs (#2 Sofa Pillows and Stones) as close to the banks as we could muster in the wind. Saw a number of Pteronarcys hatching and bumbling around, but not many risers. Caught our fair share of Bows and Browns.

Ultimately, we missed the prime water by about a week according to the locals and guides as the water was still too high after all the moisture from this past winter and spring. It was however a great trip and we had a great time.

Note: When fishing with Doug you must expect him to show up 9 tall rum and cokes down upon arrival. That is just how it's done.