Friday, October 30, 2009

Cool Flies

Vasies Pupa Pattern by Lucian Vasies

Came accross this fly at SwittersB's blog and thought it was very interesting. I have not seen a fly with a braided flash back wing case before and I like the ribbing idea - very cool. Fact of the matter is the whole pattern was foreign to me, check out the tutorial:

I can't read any of it, as it is Romanian, but you can figure it out.

Here's the're on your own for the translation.

Materiale: Carlig Caddis #14 Daiichi D1130
Ata: de corp Devaux galbena si 17/0 UniThread
Coada: barbule de cocos de Leon sau cocos indian
Subcorp: ata de corp Devaux
Corp: lurefil oliv
Torace: dubbing super nymph sau din ureche de iepure amestecat cu super sintetic nymph dubbing
Gheb: barbule de fazan sau pearl scudback
Greutate: bila de tungsten de 3mm

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wyoming Cutt Slam

Something I would like to do in the near future over a couple seasons is the State of Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Cutt Slam program. What you do is catch Wyoming's four cutthroat sub-species in their native range in Wyoming, document the catches with pictures and submit the application. In return they send the above certificate detailing your catch. I think it's a pretty cool program the state puts on, I wish Colorado had something similar! I have been told to expect to drive all over the state, but I figure that's the point of the program to see Wyoming and these fish in their native habitat.

Here's a map of the relative range of each species:

More info:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

101+ Places to take a Kid Fishing in Colorado

Interactive map of places accross the state recommended to take kids fishing.

Cutthroat Chapter Trout Unlimited Auction

Usually a good time with some cool stuff.

Also very entertaining to watch Doug blow through a grand on trips he never takes!

Kevin Birznieks Taxidermy/Photography

Kevin came very highly recommended to me by the guys over at Rocky Mountain Fly. I asked him to create a mount of a large Bow I released from Spinney a couple years ago based on measurements and pictures. It turned out great.
I would pass on the recommendation to anyone looking for a mount, and hope to send more business back to Kevin as soon I catch a qualifying fish!
Kevin has won numerous awards for his work and is also an accomplished photographer.

Below are photos of the Bow Kevin did for me, I took one of the head and tail to show the detail.

Jason Jagger Photography

If you aren't familiar with Jason Jagger's photography I'd highly recommend checking it out at the link above. I was lucky enough to be the high bidder on one of his prints last year in which an unsuspecting Callibaetis was about to become a snack for a nice trout. It is currently hanging on my wall.

You've probably seen his work at Charlie's and various other outlets.

Dude must have ridiculous patience.

Gummi Egg Pattern

Here are the patterns that were so productive at Delaney. The first is an apricot colored gummi egg tied on a size 16 TMC 2488. This fly originally had a veil but the veil was snipped.

Here is the kiwi colored gummi with the veil. This fly is slightly larger, 4mm egg tied on a size 12 TMC2488. The veil is simple egg veil material.

This is the gummi material used to tie the patterns. It could be easier, you just tie in some veil on the hook behind the eye, then put a drop of zap-a-gap on the shank where the egg will go, slide the gummi egg over the eye and bring the veil forward to tie off.

Note: I would add an extra drop of zap-a-gap behind the egg once completed. I had a problem with the egg sliding down towards the bend after the fish would hit it a few times. I missed a couple fish I beleive because the egg slid too far to get an acceptable hook set.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Delaney Buttes

Fished Delaney with Brandon, Scott, John W., and Dave Thursday night into Friday morning. We didn't have much luck on North but caught a bunch of Bows and Cuttbows in South. Egg patterns seemed to be the ticket. The most successful pattern was a gummi egg either with a veil or without. Evidently the Bows are spawning, too, as evidenced by the number of eggs dumped on John's leg. Interesting coloration in my opinion. The males were jizzing all over us, too.

Tried to troll huge streamers for big Browns in North Thursday night. We weren't able to land anything, but I got the hardest strike in my life, had the monster on for a second or two before the 4x snapped - but after catching a bunch of 18 inchers it was definitely a different caliber. Oh well, he's still in there for next year.