Friday, October 30, 2009

Cool Flies

Vasies Pupa Pattern by Lucian Vasies

Came accross this fly at SwittersB's blog and thought it was very interesting. I have not seen a fly with a braided flash back wing case before and I like the ribbing idea - very cool. Fact of the matter is the whole pattern was foreign to me, check out the tutorial:

I can't read any of it, as it is Romanian, but you can figure it out.

Here's the're on your own for the translation.

Materiale: Carlig Caddis #14 Daiichi D1130
Ata: de corp Devaux galbena si 17/0 UniThread
Coada: barbule de cocos de Leon sau cocos indian
Subcorp: ata de corp Devaux
Corp: lurefil oliv
Torace: dubbing super nymph sau din ureche de iepure amestecat cu super sintetic nymph dubbing
Gheb: barbule de fazan sau pearl scudback
Greutate: bila de tungsten de 3mm


  1. Here:
    Romanian to English translationShow romanization
    Materials: Hook Caddis # 14 Daiichi D1130
    Attach: Devaux yellow body and 17 / 0 UniThread
    Tail: Barbu coconut or coco de Leon Indian
    Subcorp: attached to the body Devaux
    Body: olive lurefil
    Thorax: Dubbing Super Rabbit Ear Nymph or mixed with synthetic super Nymph Dubbing
    Boss: Barbu pheasant or pearl scudback
    Weight: 3mm tungsten carbide ball

    Planettrout / Tim Barker :-)