Saturday, October 24, 2009

Delaney Buttes

Fished Delaney with Brandon, Scott, John W., and Dave Thursday night into Friday morning. We didn't have much luck on North but caught a bunch of Bows and Cuttbows in South. Egg patterns seemed to be the ticket. The most successful pattern was a gummi egg either with a veil or without. Evidently the Bows are spawning, too, as evidenced by the number of eggs dumped on John's leg. Interesting coloration in my opinion. The males were jizzing all over us, too.

Tried to troll huge streamers for big Browns in North Thursday night. We weren't able to land anything, but I got the hardest strike in my life, had the monster on for a second or two before the 4x snapped - but after catching a bunch of 18 inchers it was definitely a different caliber. Oh well, he's still in there for next year.


  1. 4x on North?! You are crazy! :)
    I fish straight 0x there for the streamers/buggers :)

  2. Hey, I was a Delaney newbie! Now I know!

  3. Man I love that place! Too bad I wasn't able to hit it that much this Fall, night time is pretty sweet. Seems you all had a good time