Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lincoln Hills - South Boulder Creek

I was fortunate enough to tag along with my friend Tyson up to Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club yesterday. In case you aren’t familiar with it Lincoln Hills is a 2.5 mile private stretch of South Boulder Creek between Pinecliffe and Rollinsville and owned and maintained by Matthew Burkett and The Fly Fisher LTD and chuck full of wild trout. It’s also extremely convenient in that it’s less than an hour from downtown.
Tyson and I know Matt from the downtown YMCA playing basketball and it was truly a pleasure to be included on the trip.

That’s the largest fish I landed all day, a 4 lbs Bow. Black Stones were the key all day, the fish just hammered them, tons of nymphs in the river .The Black Stone > Black Stone combo was deadly! Overall Tyson and I landed about 20 fish each in about 5 hours. I easily lost the same amount, a little rusty on my timing. Guess I need to get out more!

Here’s Tyson’s largest of the day, nice 5 lbs beauty!

Apparently being 7 feet tall allows you to maintain a perfect drift as Tyson was slaying them! Not bad for a guy who hasn’t fished since high school.
They have done a fantastic job maintaining a powerhouse of a fishery. They amount of food available to these trout was unreal. They grow some pigs as you can see by this fish Matt landed which weighed in at just over 12 lbs and 30”:

If you’re able to hook up with Matt or The Fly Fisher I’d highly recommend it. They offer first class services and we had a great time. Easily the best food I’ve have been served on a guided trip, hands down! I can still taste the smoked brisket. The fishing at Lincoln Hills is fantastic as well especially considering it’s only an hour from downtown!
Oh yeah, Matt’s famous!


  1. Glad you had a good time, that's what fishing is all about right? I would like to offer a few things to think about regarding Lincoln Hills and all private, pay-to-play fishing clubs.

    These are NOT wild fish and if the club is telling you this they are either lying or their definition of "wild" is different than that of State Aquatic Biologists. The large fish at these clubs are either purchased from private hatcheries or grown big in side ponds where they are fed pellets to make them large and then transplanted into the river when they are nice and fat. You are catching big, dumb, pellet fed monsters. South Boulder Creek does not have the available food sources to get trout this big organically. Go fish the Taylor or the Fryingpan and see how you fair against smarter trout that are big because of a food source that while not "natural" due to the fact that the biology is coming from a man made reservoir - but nonetheless were not fed pellets or purchased to provide trophy photos for below average wealthy-ish fisherman. Your fish-weight estimations seem Waaay off as well FYI. I do not like private fishing clubs by the way. I like Montana's river ownership laws and Colorado would be very progressive in regards to sport fishing if they adopted the same laws. And no, I do not fish the public stretches adjacent to Lincoln Hills in search of transient "Hogs" that escaped the pen. I hope you bought a nice frame for your trophy photos of wild fish from the Lincoln Hill Fish Preserve.

    1. Please do us all a favor and get off your soapbox. You don't like fishing private water, one cares. Most of what you've typed here isn't even relevant to the blog post.