Friday, July 8, 2011

Black Mesa, Uncompahgre River, Crystal Lake

The family spent a week up in Black Mesa (North Rim of the Black Canyon) a couple weeks ago, and I am just now getting to updating the blog. Whoops. Anyhow, it's beautiful up there. Lindsay rode her horse every day and the kids and I enjoyed the Colorado scenery and campsite. It was very relaxing, no cell phone reception, completely off the grid. :) I was able to sneak away for a day. I stopped in Gunnison to check on the levels of the Gunnison River in the canyon. The flows were still really high and the Fly Shop recommended avoiding it, bummer. I decided to head out to the Uncompahgre River, tailwater of Ridgeway Reservoir. Loren joined me as we went to Pa-Co-Chu-Pak after recommendations from my buddy Dave.

You can see the river is swollen here too, that time of year :( It was also very silty in color. I ran into a ranger who said they were anticipating further flooding upstream and had no choice but to flood the tailwater. Here's Loren working a seam.

Ultimately we didn't land any fish. I had a number of hits on various flies but they seemed to be nipping at them and not really taking them. I put on a stinger and that didn't help. It is clear that they have spent some time and effort making this a great fishery when it's not so high. I'd love to come back some time and try again.

We headed South to and through Ouray, which is my new favorite place. Surrounded on all sides by mountains. So pretty. Wermers suggested hitting Crystal Lake which is just south of Ouray up the pass (very vertical).

Crystal Lake is gorgeous! Crystal clear with fantastic scenery. Right off the road, too.

The fish were killing these (gray drake?). If you could cast away from the brush and rocks further into the lake you could hammer them. I quickly landed two little guys and foolishly didn't take photos. The strikes were so quick I was sure I could catch the larger fish feeding. However, after the initial two I got nothing. I'd like to lug a float tube in there and try again sometime. On the way back to the Mesa, about 3 hours, we stopped at Ouray Brewery in town. Cool little Brewery right in town. Opened in 2010. The people there were great and the beer was solid (we bought 2 growlers). They talked fishing with us before we had to take off. I'd happily go back and would recommend it if you're in the area!

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